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Kardashians under hot waters after old clip with ‘racist’ remarks went viral

Kardashian sisters

Internet users seem to boycott the new Kardashians show after an old video of Khloe Kardashian, making ‘racist’ remarks, circulated online.

An old clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians re-surfaced on social media and created an abuzz among the fans and netizens.

The video shows the 37-year-old socialite taking her sister, Kim’s side amidst black culture trolls. “Hashtag fact, my baby is black,” Khloe says in the clip.

“Hashtag I only like black (expletive). That’s what I would say,” she was heard saying in the clip.

As soon as the video re-emerged, fans took to Twitter, bringing the new show under fire.

One user wrote, “Dear @hulu, If you continue to enable the Kardashian family and give them a platform, I will cancel your service.”

“They need to be cancelled!! Why did Hulu even bother extending the life of this show?? (quoted by RadarOnline)

“It’s culturally insensitive and not in keeping with societal changes. The whole family is a group of culture vultures…. I’m over them!!” another user chimed in.

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