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Model Hasnain Lehri boycotts Murree for any of his future shoots

On the 8th of January, 22 persons were killed in Murree. Over 1,000 cars were trapped in the snow, and people died from exposure due to a lack of shelter and food. Hasnain Lehri, a model, feels that the hotel mafia is to blame.

The model addressed the issue on his Instagram Stories, writing, “In these difficult times, those who exploit and blackmail travelers must be dealt with. In Murree, a hotel room costs $50,000 per night, and those Pakistanis who couldn’t afford it killed in their automobiles.”

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He declared that as a patriot, he will “boycott Murree until the mafias are brought to justice.”

His boycott also includes anyone who works in the area. “As an artist who has been creating pictures for as long as I can remember, I have made the decision to not conduct any shootings or projects in Murree with my crew.”

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He slammed the “greediness of those who dress up as people but are really Murree’s mafias.” Lehri stated that he intends to expose “Murree’s mafia,” and that such people will “not live to [benefit off] dirty business” since they “left innocent and poor people to die in their automobiles in the absence of food and shelter, all due to mafia incompetence.”

He concluded his stories by using the hashtag Boycott Murree and stating that these folks should be taught a lesson.


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