The Magic Wand!

Skinny? Thick? Curved? Mascara selection is a lot difficult than it seems, you have to experiment until you find the right one. From the perfect formula to the perfect wand, it’s a journey! And once you’ve found that ideal balance, you’re all set to be a lash wizard!

With so many new and some even scary-looking mascara wands in the market, we’re here to help you find your magic wand.

  1. Straight and skinny wands

If you’ve already got luscious lashes and are looking to define their length and separate them, skinny and straight wands will work wonders for you. A super-thin design gives your lashes a seamless coat from root to tip, extending the length of your natural lashes. Such wands are perfect for daytime and everyday wear as they enhance your natural lashes without adding too much drama.


  1. Thick wands

Well you know, bigger is better when it comes to your mascara, especially if you’re looking to build volume. A big, thick brush is ideal if you want to achieve curled and dense-looking lashes. It grabs the lashes and enables the mascara formula to coat each lash fully to get maximum volume and impact, adding lots of drama to the lashes.



  1. Curved wands

Curved mascara wands actually hug your lash line to ensure even coverage. Not only do they help you build volume and lengthen your lashes but they also act as a mini eyelash curler, as it can help curl and shape the lashes. They pretty much provide you with the best of both worlds!


  1. Ball-shaped wands

They might look like torture devices from medieval times, but trust me, they get the job done! For those who have sparse or super short lashes that normal wands fail to coat, this ball-shaped design will ensure that every lash gets the attention it deserves. From tending to the tiny lashes in the inner corner of your eyelid to carving out that winged look at the end of your lower lashes, it’s a wand that everyone can use.


  1. Tapered wands

If you’re a lash perfectionist, this is the wand for you. The duality of the tapered brush allows for the bulk of the application to happen evenly and create volume while the pointed end helps to separate the lashes. The pointed end is also great to reach the tiniest of the lashes and fan out the brows to your heart’s desire.


  1. Hourglass wands
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An hourglass-shaped brush with dense bristles is incredible for building volume and length for sparse lashes as they build volume at the roots and lengthen the tips. The curved structure of the brush is equipped with both long and short bristles which work to de-clump and separate lashes.


  1. S-shaped wands

If you’re the kinda gal who loves layering mascaras, this one’s for you! The s-shape allows you to apply multiple layers without clumping and the curves hug your lashes to give them dimension and a lot of volume.


  1. Wands with plastic bristles

The bristles on these wands are usually spiky and made of rubber, which helps grab each lash individually and brush out clumps or excess mascara. Because the wands are plastic, they are also very flexible, allowing you to manoeuvre the wand around the lash line. But be wary because it delivers a lot of mascara to your lashes, giving you a comparatively wet application really quickly, so if you sneeze right after, the smudges may be a little out of control!




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