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When Faryal Mehmood faced strong criticism for getting a tattoo

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10th Jan, 2022. 07:24 pm
Faryal Mehmood

Faryal Mehmood’s tattoo

Faryal Mehmood, a well-known Pakistani TV actress, and model got a tattoo on her leg, and netizens were quick to criticize her.

The actress had posted a video of herself getting her left leg tattooed on her Instagram account. While having the tattoo, the actress sat on the bed in a resting position and winked at the camera.

The actress seemed to be entirely satisfied and content in the video.

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The actress seems to be having fun getting her leg tattooed and alerting her admirers in a kind manner about a new activity that brings her joy.

Public replies have gone viral shortly after the video was posted on social media, with many going to great lengths to ensure that their voice is heard and seen.

It’s important to note that the actress has extensive experience in this profession. She made her acting debut on stage before moving on to television.

Baba Jani, Laal Ishq, Bheegi Palkain, Ghustakh, Baban Khala ki betian, Daasi, and Raqeeb se are some of her most popular dramas. Daniyal Raheel, the son of legendary actress Simi Raheel, married Faryal. When Corona lockdown was at its peak in 2020, the couple married.

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