5 times when the Pakistani drama industry did the audience proud

5 times when the Pakistani drama industry did the audience proud


Amid all the saas-bahu schemes, dirty politics, and deeply embedded patriarchy, these Pakistani dramas truly stand out for breaking the norm and raising the bar for local content!

5 times when the Pakistani drama industry did the audience proud

KARACHI: From displaying typical saas-bahu politics to women being subjected to constant abuse and violence to them suffering in silence at the hands of toxic men, the Pakistani drama industry has long been stuck in quite a rut. Most stories and plots seem to revolve around these very problematic themes where a certain segment of the audience does enjoy watching them on the television, but that doesn’t make it right.

But, at the same time, there have also been instances where the Pakistani drama industry did us proud by creating some absolute masterpieces that blew us away by creating women-centric dramas, portraying them as powerful warriors, and highlighting all those societal issues that have stigmas and taboos attached to them.



Bol Ke Lub Azad Hein Tere!


Powerful, inspiring, gripping and motivating, there aren’t enough words to describe and praise this star-studded drama that aired back in 2016, and caused a wave of pride among the audience.

The drama revolves around the horrific journey of a little girl who is sexually abused by her stepfather and the many struggles of her mother to bring her justice. But at the same time, it is a story of courage and bravery that teaches women how to protect themselves, fight till their last breath, and speak up against injustice.

Udaari proved to be an absolute ray of hope and was hailed as a phenomenal success for highlighting the sensitive issue of child abuse so skillfully. Not just that, the drama broke various stigmas and taboos of this society such as women adopting unorthodox career paths, marginalization of women, and class prejudice.

Udaari is undeniably one of the biggest examples in the Pakistani drama industry to have addressed real issues so beautifully, and with so much finesse.



Qandeel Baloch (Fouzia Azeem) – a name etched on our hearts, a name that will never die, and a name that triggers a lot of emotions and feelings. We can never forget the brutal murder of Qandeel Baloch, a strong, beautiful, and an unapologetic social media sensation who was brutally murdered by her ruthless brother in the name of honor.

Baaghi, a TV biopic based on the life of the deceased Qandeel Baloch created quite a stir on social media when it was aired in 2017, generating a series of mixed reviews. This TV series is nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster that highlights the prevalent issue of honour killings in the society, and also tackles the myriad of problems women have to face in this deeply patriarchal society.

Baaghi, at many instances, felt like a disservice to the real-life Qandeel because of the way the story was written, and how the writer called it a ‘cautionary tale’. But, we have to give credit where it’s due. This biopic managed to tell the audience her side of the story while painting her in a more positive light. It gives hope and courage to women who suffer in silence against the patriarchy that is deeply embedded in the society.

Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahi

A story unlike any other and a stellar piece of art, Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahi is an incredible example of human resilience, sacrifice, selflessness, courage, and will power. From a riveting storyline to power-packed performances to talking about actual issues plaguing the society without sugar coating anything, this drama is as real as it can get.


Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahi is miles and miles apart from the typical love triangle sagas and saas-bahu affairs that we get to see daily on the television. It’s a one of its kind series that discusses the grave evils of the society that many aren’t comfortable talking about such as human trafficking, child marriage, child abuse, dowry-taking, begging mafia, toxic relationships, illegal land grabbing, education of women and so many others!

It’s quite an eye-opener, to put it simply, for all those who have shut their eyes to the harsh and heinous realities existing in this world we live in. It has successfully managed to uncover some of the most horrible faces of the society where sexual predators prey on young, innocent girls, where humanity is dead and nowhere to be found, where corruption makes its way in every inch of law and order, where children are abused by their parents and even sold when faced with adversities.

Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahi deserves all the praise and appreciation possible because it shows us how victims of grim societal evils can survive against all odds with their own resilience and will power.


There’s no better way to describe Dobara than a breath of fresh air!


This is an ongoing drama on Hum TV with a unique take on the societal stigma attached with marriage between two people with huge age and class differences, and how a widow is expected to just spend the remainder of her life in the memories of her deceased husband.

Dobara also touches on the issue of child marriage where young girls are married off to older men, crushing their dreams, ambitions, goals and happiness. It’s a story of a strong, determined woman who decides to live her life to the fullest, the life that was taken away from her while she was still a young little girl by her dying father who’s last wish was to see her get married.

Not only that, but she also marries a man much younger than her because age has nothing to do with love, marriage or living life how one wants to live it.

The drama serial has its own twists and some cliché instances and events, but Dobara has definitely been an absolute pleasure to watch so far, and the audience can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Aakhri Station


Seven women from seven different walks of lives, each with their own set of struggles and difficulties, but with one thing common between all seven of them – they stand up for themselves, they don’t suffer in silence, they speak up, and they bring about a change.

Aakhri Station is such a beautiful, emotional, and a hard-hitting narration of seven powerful stories laced with societal issues and evils faced by Pakistani women such as early marriage, acid attacks, emotional abuse, domestic abuse, and their constant battles against patriarchy.

This short drama serial is definitely a great step up by the drama industry and while it’s nothing short of painful, it successfully highlights the plight of women and their never-ending suffering, but with a positive end where they reach the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel.


These are just a few examples from a pool of excellent Pakistani dramas that stand out not just for their brilliant plots and excellent performances, but more for talking about issues that actually need to be discussed. The Pakistani drama industry still has a long way to go, but we do see a ray of hope thanks to these wonderful dramas that unapologetically unveil the grim realities of the society that we are a part of, and remove the thick blindfold from the eyes of those who choose to look away.

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