The only night time skincare routine you need

The only night time skincare routine you need

The only night time skincare routine you need

With thousands of skincare products to pick from, it often gets tricky to spend money on what’s worth it. Thousands of beauty influencers often show us their nighttime skincare routines involving a ton of steps but if we’re being honest, can we really follow all those steps after such a tiring day? Continue reading to know what’s essential and effective to add to sort out your night time skincare regime.

First things first, is the night time routine even important? The answer is yes, all the skincare products created for nighttime use are very potent and packed with helpful ingredients that can show drastic improvement in the way our skin looks and feels. While our brain and body rest at night, our skin repairs and rejuvenates. Committing to a routine to follow at night isn’t as easy as it sounds but with consistent use it brings about fantastic results.

Secondly, a lot of us often find ourselves asking how many skincare products should be used? This is where your personal preferences comes in. This article is to help the beginners who are struggling to stick to a routine, featuring the essential and minimal products your night time skincare routine should consist of.

1- Cleanser: For some, it may be a no brainer but it’s shocking how a lot of people don’t use a cleanser at night. Even if you don’t wear makeup daily and assume your skin is clean, it’s not. Your skin produces sebum all day which is a natural process and it gets collected over the layers of your skin. If you are a working person, your skin accumulates dirt and pollution throughout the day.


Regardless of what your daytime skin regimen is, you must cleanse your skin before you hit the bed and for various reasons – if you wear makeup and think using a micellar water is all it takes to completely remove it, you’re wrong. You still need to cleanse your face to remove the traces of makeup that may have penetrated into your pores. If you follow a dedicated skin regime for day-time, it is still important to cleanse that away before hitting the bed. Pick a cleanser that works well for your skin type and skin concerns and never forget to cleanse.


2- Toner: When your skin’s pH level is balanced, your skin is happy and it shows. Fun fact, toners not only balance your skin’s pH level, but they also help to get deeper into your pores and remove the left behind traces of dirt, makeup and oil that the cleanser may have missed.

Toners also play a great role in bringing in that refreshing feel to your skin. Since you are removing all the dirt properly, it helps clear out your congested pores which helps them appear smaller. There’s not a single reason why you shouldn’t have a toner in your routine be it morning or night time.


3- Eye cream: No, eye creams are not a hoax. Countless people complain about the way their under eyes look. Some complain about the dark circles, some say the skin keeps on looking thinner and others even complain about dryness under their eyes (cracks under eyes after makeup.) As we age, the delicate skin under the eyes continues getting thinner and if we ignore taking care of it, we ignore the fact that it helps us look perfect without makeup too.


Puffiness, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles etc. can all be targeted with an under eye cream. Picking an under eye cream with hyaluronic acid can help your under-eyes appear smoother and less sunken, though the effect may be temporary. Picking eye creams with metal applicators that are cool to touch can help de-puff your under eyes and this also helps those who wake up with extremely swollen eyes.

Retinol based eye creams work really well for those with fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Numerous ingredients can help eliminate dark circles like caffeine, vitamin c and ceramides.


4- Retinol: The holy grail of all skincare products, retinol! This ingredient has become widely popular and for all the right reasons. The benefits of using a Retinol are unmatched because it provides everything one needs from a skincare product/ingredient.

Retinol helps reduce acne, diminish scars, evens out skin texture, brightens skin tone, reduces signs of sun damage, treats melasma, targets hyperpigmentation, and provides anti-ageing benefits by improving skin’s natural cellular turnover. It also enhances collagen production, which decreases as we age hence causing wrinkles.  There are retinol-based products available in various formulations and potencies including serums and moisturisers that work well, however, serums are often more potent than creams. Off the counter retinols can be bought according to the percentage. If you are new to retinols, start with the lowest percentage and gradually increase to a higher potency as your skin gets used to it.

Retinol, unless suggested on the packaging, shouldn’t be used daily. If you’re a beginner start by using it three times a week but be wary as retinol comes with its set of cautions.


This ingredient makes your skin sensitive to UV rays so make sure you don’t step out of the house without an SPF. Also, always use the suggested amount of Retinol and that too at night time. Lastly, avoid mixing ingredients like vitamin C, benzoyl peroxide and AHA/BHA with retinol.

It takes some time to show visible results when using any chemical formula, so consistency is the key. After using a retinol serum, apply a moisturiser that has no active or aggressive ingredients.

The days you are not using retinol serum, finish off your night time skincare routine with a moisturiser and that will do its job to help you wake up to beautiful radiant skin.

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