Did Megan Fox Regret Missing Out on a ‘Leonardo DiCaprio Phase’?

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Megan Fox

Did Megan Fox Regret Missing Out on a ‘Leonardo DiCaprio Phase’?

  • Megan discussed her longing for a carefree youth at Racket NYC.
  • Fox shared reflections on her past and the journey toward personal growth.
  • She playfully joked about exploring her wild side.

Megan Fox, the 37-year-old actress, opened up about her longing for a more carefree youth, during a candid conversation at Racket NYC.

The discussion centered around her latest poetry book, “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous,” where Fox delved into her reflections on her past and the journey towards embracing personal growth.

While playfully joking about exploring her wild side, the Transformers star also shared a sincere message about the importance of self-reflection.

Fox highlighted the need to show oneself more grace and steer clear of negative self-talk. She acknowledged, “I should be kinder to myself,” recognizing that every experience, whether positive or challenging, played a role in her personal development. Responding to a fan’s question about advice for her 22-year-old self, Fox humorously quipped, “I would have lived out my Leonardo DiCaprio phase.”

Looking back on her entry into Hollywood, Fox disclosed how being labeled as the “pretty girl” clashed with her self-perception. Raised in the Pentecostal Church and formerly a ‘goth’ kid, Fox resisted conforming to conventional standards. The actress admitted to feeling isolated during her early career but trusted that her authenticity and integrity would ultimately prevail.

Known for her outspoken opposition to misogyny, Fox has acknowledged that her delivery may not have been perfect. She confessed to possessing a dark sense of humor that may not align with PR standards and recognized the necessity of finding a more effective way to convey her views. Fox admitted, “I was on the right side of the universe… (but) my delivery may not have been the best.”


Engaged to musician Machine Gun Kelly and a mother of three, Fox shared insights into overcoming toxic patterns. Reflecting on past abusive relationships, she affirmed that the healing process has positively impacted her, turning her into a more engaged parent. Fox emphasized, “I’m more helpful to other people after I heal myself.”

As Megan Fox navigates the complexities of her past, her journey stands as a testament to growth, self-discovery, and resilience.

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