Video: Woman wearing abaya and niqab exercising on loaded machines

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

15th Sep, 2021. 08:50 pm
Video of a woman wearing abaya and niqab exercising on loaded machines goes viral

Ahlam Mohammad Ali, from Houston, Texas, USA, proved that no kind of clothing can hinder your passion.

On social media these days, Ahlam’s videos are the subject of discussion, who are seen wearing abayas and niqabs and exercising on heavy machines.

The video shows the woman doing other exercises, including squats, boxing and push-ups.

In an interview with foreign media, Ahlam said “The niqab does not limit me to any work, I want to tell the world that you can do the work that makes you happy even if you wear the clothes of your choice.”

“The purpose of this workout is to send a message to women that you can live your life as you please, even if you are wearing a hijab and a niqab,” she said.

“Fitness is very important to me, so my hijab, niqab or loose clothes can’t stop me, it’s not a shame for me in any way,” says Ahlam. ‘

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