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Is TikTok-rival Mitron a Pakistani app?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

01st Jun, 2020. 04:07 pm
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Is TikTok-rival Mitron a Pakistani app?

Desi TikTok app Mitron is Pakistani ?

New Delhi: The desi TikTok rival, Mitron app, has soared its popularity overnight with over 50 lakhs downloads within a month.

However, what more astonishing is that you can spend $34 or around Rs 2500, you can buy the source code of Mitron on CodeCanyon Platform. At least 277 people are already the owner of the source code of Mitron.

An interesting thing to add to your knowledge is that Mitron is the replica of the TicTok clone app called TicTic.
As soon as the popularity of the Mitron app began spreading by the media, a Pakistani team developer, QBoxus, contacted the Indian reporters through twitter, claiming they are the ones who created this TicTic app and put up the source code on CodeCanyon for sale at $34 or around Rs 2571.

‘It’s a direct copy of the TicTic app. You can ask your technical team to download both (TikTok and Mitron) apps and test it’ said Sheikh from Lahore.

Karan Saini, an information security researcher, confirmed the same. He agreed to the fact that the API of TicTick and Mitron are completely identical.

People were skeptical why Sheikh sold the code, upon which he replied,’ Our main business model is to create clones for famous apps and sell them at cheaper prices. We help small scale startups who don’t have a big budget for developing an app. Till now we have sold 277 copies of TicTic. Well, there is no problem with what the developer of Mitron has done. He paid for it and got the script which is okay. But the problem is with people and the media referring to it as Indian made app which is not the truth. All we want is the news channels should give credit to the original author.

Apart from confronting the accusation of creating a replica app, the Mitron team faces another challenge: How secure is the user of the data? Mitron doesn’t have any official website yet, and the privacy policy page of the app on Google Playstore redirects to webpages which seem to be put in haste.

The credibility and authenticity of the app are still in doubt. Therefore, Sahi advised people not to give their personal information including name, contact information, photo, etc. to this app as it seems to be operated by a sole individual where it would be difficult to determine the accountability if the customer data was misused.

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