Fawad Chaudhry with dishonest and fraudulent mindset has concealed Assets worth Millions

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02nd Sep, 2020. 05:47 pm
Fawad Chaudhry lied to Election Commission of Pakistan to hide Assets worth Millions

Fawad Chaudhry lied to the Election Commission of Pakistan to hide Assets worth Millions. A petition has been filed in Islamabad high court to disqualify Fawad Chaudhry under Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution.

“He did not declare land he owns in Jhelum,” the lawyer said. “He is not Sadiq and Ameen”

The constitutional article says that a person can be disqualified as a member of the national or provincial legislatures if he is not ‘Sadiq and Ameen’ – truthful and trustworthy.

The advocate Raja Rizwan Abbasi argued that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Jahangir Tareen and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) Leader Nawaz Sharif had been disqualified on the same grounds.

Senior Journalist Sami Ibrahim in a TV program “Tajzia” made shocking revelations about Fawad Chaudhry. He stated that Fawad cheated with ECP by hiding his assets details.

Sami Ibrahim disclosed the details of assets hidden by Fawad Chaudhry while submitting his details in Form B to ECP. Sami revealed that Fawad owns un-declared assets worth millions.

Asset Details declared in Form B of nomination papers 2017

House: According to Form B, Fawad Chaudhry owns 41 Kanal 14 Marla that is located at Chack number 119-EB Tehsil Arif Wala, District Pakpatan.

Investments: According to nomination papers, Fawad has an investment in first Law Company worth Rs 50,000.

Remittance: According to the details mentioned in form B Fawad brought Rs 95, 670 as a remittance. Fawad has declared that he made an investment of Rs 12, 50,000 on his wife’s name with the remittance. Fawad Chaudhry failed to explain the discrepancies in his remittance.

Wives Assets: Fawad Chaudhry has declared in his nomination papers that he has two wives, Saima Ijaz and Dr. Hiba.

• Saima Ijaz lives at House # 863 W block DHA Lahore. Dr. Hiba lives in Centaurus.

Loans: According to Form B, Fawad gave a loan of Rs 1 crore 45 lacs to his uncle (mamu).

Property: According to form B, Fawad paid Rs 40 lacs for the plot given by Supreme Court Bar Association. Value of the insurance policy, as said, is Rs 25 lacs.

Cars: According to the details mentioned in form B he owns a Honda civic worth Rs 24 lac 35 thousand.

• Saima has 2 cars, Dr. Hiba has 2 cars. 3 cars are present in Ludhar.

Asset Details mentioned in Form B of nomination papers 2018

Printing Press: Kitabistan paper products was declared on his wife Hiba’s name. It was not shown before.

Loans: Fawad gave a loan of Rs 1 crore 5 lac to his wife for convenience store private limited.

Prize Bonds: Fawad bought prize bonds worth Rs 65 lacs.

Gifts: He gave Rs 35 lac to his wife as a gift.

Jewelry: 70 tola jewelry worth Rs 10 lac 50 thousand was added.

Cash: Rs 3 crore 62 lac 46 thousand 661 were declared.

Bank Accounts: Rs 51 lac 11 thousand 558 in Summit bank Johar Town Lahore. Rs 45 lac 3 thousand 46 at Gulberg branch.

• 2nd Bank Account: Rs 40 lac 5 thousand 710 at Bank Alfalah Jhelum branch. His wife Saima has Rs 33 thousand 342 at HBL DHA Lahore.

Dollar Account: Standard chartered bank in which dollar 11 lacs 78 thousand 862 and 9 thousand 468 dollars. This value in Pakistani rupees is 18 crore 65 lac 67 thousand 810.

Cars: According to the nomination papers he owns 1 car. But it was revealed that he has 7 cars.

Anomalies Found in Fawad Chaudhry’s Assets

Fawad Chaudhry hide his properties when they were declared to the ECP in elections for 2018. In nomination papers, Fawad only declared a few properties and assets that he and his family hold. However, he committed a crime by manipulating major assets. Fawad Chaudhry has two wives named Saima Ijaz and Dr. Hiba.

Fawad Chaudhry has been found guilty of committing massive violations of Election Laws and concealment of his dependent’s assets fraudulently and filing a false Affidavit made part of nomination papers. He also concealed the facts and submitted false declaration and statements in violations of Section 60 of the article. It is also found that Fawad Chaudhry has been using three different names for ulterior motives.

1. As per the National Identity Card (CNIC) and Passport, “Fawad Ahmad Naseem Ahmad.”

2. In his nomination papers, he ignored the name written on his CNIC and used his name as “Chauhdry Fawad Husain”

3. As per Revenue Record, his name is appearing as-, “Fawad Fareed Awais SO Naseem Husain”.

Apart from this with mala-fide intention and ulterior motives he has concealed his assets, cost of assets, and provided wrong & false statements of his own and spouses’ assets and their cost etc. in FORM-B.

Fawad Chaudhry has not disclosed whether he resides along with his two wives in a camp or any hired house and whether his both wives are residing in the same house with him or with their parents if he owns no residential house or houses. Furthermore, he is a permanent resident of Mauza Ladhar, Tehsil Dina, district Jhelum but failed to disclose his land/property.

Fawad with dishonest and fraudulent mindset has concealed his following Immovable Properties

1. Agriculture land share 2155/13891(12 Kanal 5 Marla) of his wife Mst. Saima Ejaz D/ 0 Ejaz Husain, W/0 Fawad Ahmad S/O Naseem Husain, situated in Khewat No.2, and share 287/12003 (1 Kanal 12 Marla) in Khewat No.ll of Mauza Chak No. 119/EB, Tehsil Arifwala, district Pakpatan.

2. Property / Share in dwelling House No. 863 Block “W” DHA, Lahore, where his first wife Mrs. Saima Fawad is residing with her daughter who is studying in Lahore Grammar School, DHA branch, Lahore, this address is appearing on the Income Tax Returns of Fawad submitted with the Nomination Papers for the tax years 2015 to 2017

3. Agriculture Land in Mauza Ladhar Tehsil Dina, district Jehlum, as per following details

• Khewat No. 32, share 969/276080, status -owner,

• Khewat No. 24, share 816/473008, status -owner occupant,

• Khewat No. 29, share 1088/359040, status -owner occupant,

• Khewat No. 29, share 2720/359040, status -owner,

• Khewat No. 28, share 142684/14370048, status -the share of Shamlat,

• Khewat No. 41, share 544/52224, status -owner occupant,

• Khewat No. 44, share 2720/97376, status -owner occupant,

• Khewat No. 31, share 272/47600, status owner,

• Khewat No. 27, share 1885/421056, status -the share of Shamlat,

• Khewat No. 27, share 2176/421056, status -owner,

• Khewat No.30, share 272/31008, status -owner- Rehn,

• Khewat No. 70, share 32/12512, status -owner occupant,

• Khewat No. 33; share 119/34000, status owner

4. Agriculture Land of Mst. Saima wife of Ch. Fawad, in Mauza Ladhar, Tehsil Dina, district. Jhelum, as per the following details.

• Khewat No. 32, share 3633/276080 & 19/16240, status

• owner, Khewat No. 33; share 119/34000, status owner

• Khewat No. 29, share 1360/359040 & 17/3960, status –owner occupant

• Khewat No. 29, share 9792/359040 & 13/3960, status – owner

• Khewat No. 28, share 174720/4790016, status -the share of Shamlat

• Khewat No. 41, share 1904/52224 & 1/288, status –owner occupant

• Khewat No. 44, share 10608/97376 & 2/179, status –owner occupant

• Khewat No. 31, share 1360/47600 & 1/525, status owner

• Khewat No. 27, share 6914/421056 &1/516, status -owner

• Khewat No. 27, share 8432/421056, status -owner

• Khewat No.30, share 816/31008 & 1/342, status -owner-Rehn

• Khewat No. 57, share 1224/37264 & 1/411, status -Rehn

• Khewat No.70, share 136/12512, status -owner occupant

• Khewat No. 33, share 447/34000 &7/6000, status -owner

5- Fawad has shown 1 Kanal plot in Islamabad worth 4 Million, in the irrelevant column but the same amount is not reflecting in his Income Tax returns for the years 2014-15, 2015-16, and 2016-17 which shows that payment was made from black money.

6- Ch. Fawad has shown only one car In the Nomination Papers whereas, he and his family are using a fleet of vehicles at Lahore, Ladhar, and Islamabad.

7- Fawad has fraudulently has concealed the details of his business and incomplete/false information has provided in the Nomination Paper,he has shown more than 10 Million loans to the convenience store of his wife instead of disclosing his business, furthermore, the respondent has also given a loan to the tune of 4 Million to his uncle but his Income Tax Returns do not reflect huge savings.

8- His nomination Papers show remittances to the tune of Rs. 95,670/- but the investment made in the name of his wife in Convenience Store (Pvt), Ltd has been shown Rs. 1,250,000/-, whereas such store is not a ~Private limited company in the records of SEep but an online grocery store being run by the brother in law of Fawad with the name & style of 24 Seven online grocery store, Lahore, so it is astonishing that he from the amount of remittance of Rs. 95,670/ has made the investment to the tune of Rs. 1,250,000/- almost 14 times above the amount received.

9- He has shown an unsecured loan to his maternal uncle to the tune of Rs. 14.5 Million but the same is not appearing in the Income-tax Returns and sources of such huge amount are also unknown and sources of income declared by him.

10- He is residing with his second wife namely Hiba Fawad in an apartment of Centaurus Mall, Blue Area, Islamabad on rent for which he is paying rent from Rs. 250,000 to 300,000 per month but the same expenditure has not been mentioned in the Income Tax return for the year.

11- Fawad has failed to disclose 70 Tola gold of his second wife namely Hiba Fawad, as well as description of the Jewelry and has ‘concealed substantial and material Information in violation of the law.

12- He dishonestly has concealed information regarding “Cash and Bank Accounts”

Petition Filed in Islamabad High Court to disqualify Fawad Chaudhry

A petition has been filed against the federal Minister of Science and Technology in the Islamabad High Court.

BOL News anchor Sami Ibrahim through has filed the petition to disqualify Fawad Chaudhry through advocate Raja Rizwan Abbasi. He highlighted that the minister has concealed his assets when declaring them to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

He demanded IHC that Fawad Chaudhry should be disqualified under Article 62(1) (f) of the Constitution. Fawad Chaudhry does not fulfill the requirements of Article 62/63 of the Constitution.

According to the constitutional article, a person should be disqualified as a member of the national or provincial legislatures if he is not ‘Sadiq and Ameen’ – truthful and trustworthy.

The petition mentioned, “That Respondent No. 1 ( Fawad Chauhdry ), with mala-fide intention and ulterior motives, concealed his assets, cost of assets and provided wrong & false statement of his own and spouses’ assets and their cost in FORM-B( statement of Assets and Liabilities) along with Nomination Papers”.

Anchor Sami Ibrahim has requested that the privileges that have been given to the minister should be taken back, and a case should be filed against him under the criminal code.


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