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COVID19 Device For Detecting The Symptoms

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

07th May, 2020. 09:10 pm
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Covid 19 device

For maintaining the health, researchers have developed one of the stick-on wireless devices that helped in identifying the symptoms of COVID-19. However, the size of the device is like a postage stamp that sticks to a person’s chest and has constantly measuring the breathing, coughing and the fever. Most of the researchers from the North western University are testing many of the devices on the patients as well as on the front lie health workers in the Chicago.

The device is used to test on the health workers and helping to determine the exposing of the virus. According to the professor John Rogers, it has been important for the front line health workers to pick up early and pull them out in giving the treatment and mitigate the spread of the disease, while, it also helps in determining if any one of them get sick, as it has been also tested on the patients who has get the virus in understanding that how the patients are getting better and why some of the patients deteriorate so quickly.

COVID-19 Device

COVID-19 Device

Further, the technology was developed for the stroke patients and then it has been modified for the COVID19. It is one of the wireless device that is removed from the skin and placed on a charger and that’s how the encrypted data is uploaded and also available for doctor’s review

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