iPhone Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know !

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

10th May, 2020. 08:41 pm
iPhone Tricks

Apple has always been up in the game of introducing new features and enhancing the existing ones. To facilitate their customers, they have launched several phenomenal iphones products which are far better than the existing one in terms of user interface, technology, and outlook.
Knowing the fact that iPhone is the technology that deals with the bigger text, longer battery life as well as more-reliable device that has unlocked all iPhone by tweaking some of the settings.
The iPhone is one of the greatest technology and it could be much better with a just few minutes of your time, whether through buying the new iPhone SE, hand-me-down iPhone XR, or by using the same iPhone for the years.

It has to change the default setting in Apple’s that could have a big impact on all those users that are experiencing the phone.
For example, do not disturb is one of the disabled right out of the box that means the iPhone would continue to beep at you all over the night that has to cause the light sleepers to wake up.
Moreover, instead of a quick dip in the settings that could automatically remain silent all night long, the user could take advantage of the dark mode by saving the battery life and put the control center to work for changing the phone’s settings. We care for our users; regular information has been updated in the articles as Apple adds new features and settings.

The updated iPhone changes are as follows:

1. You can now turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode

Do Not Disturb

3. You can now add more fingers to your Touch ID

iPhone battery life

2. You can increase size of the font to make it clearly visible

4. You can switch off the auto brightness so that you can save your battery

Save iPhone Battery

5. Tap on the control center and it would swipe away

6. Dark mode on and save your battery life

Iphone Face unlock

On the other hand, adjust these eight settings to save yourself from the frustration down the road.

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