Rockstar Games GTA 6 isn’t coming until 2025

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

30th Jun, 2021. 06:43 pm

If you are a fan of Grand Theft Auto 6 – Rockstar Games GTA 6, then get yourself prepared to wait a lot longer than expected.

Fans have been waiting eagerly for eight years for the gaming franchise to make its return, but according to a trustworthy gaming source, the wait won’t be over until 2025.

The theory was further supported by a statement by the game’s publisher Take-Two during a recent event.

Tom Henderson, who is mostly known for his precise leaks on Battlefield and Call of Duty, released a new video sharing a bunch of suspected GTA 6 details.

Henderson has claimed, the reasons for the game’s delay are, Rockstar Games has been focusing profoundly on “employee wellbeing” and is aiming to avoid toxic crunch culture.

The developer doesn’t want to proclaim the game until it’s assured that it will hit its release date, without any further delays.

Then, Henderson claims that GTA 6 will only release on the newer PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles and PC, of course.

Also keeping in mind sought-after PS5 and Xbox Series X are, Rockstar Games is apparently waiting until there is a “big enough market” for buyers are available.

Most importantly GTA 5 is still tremendously popular. Rockstar will not release GTA 6 while its prototype is still extremely successful.


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