GEO, Jang funded by foreign agencies, PTI boycotts

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02nd May, 2014. 05:37 pm
PTI representatives will appear on GEO News

PTI representatives will appear on GEO News

Patriotism takes a flight to the west

Chief of PTI Imran Khan declared that no PTI representatives will appear on GEO News or subscribe to GEO or Jang newspapers after their attempt in rigging the 2013 elections. He expressed his convictions that there was an existence of foreign funding directed towards certain media outlets.

The leader of PTI recommended a frame of action for the government to form an independent commission to investigate matters of foreign funding to media houses. He wanted to bring the government’s attention to the fact that our media houses could be compromised by foreign influence.

GEO News, which received money from the US and other foreign sources was the highlight of his diminishing faith in Pakistan’s media companies. The face of PTI concluded that PTI had no option other than coming to the streets and protest the rigging to ensure fair and honest elections in the future.

If this isn’t ensured, then everybody who came out to vote will lose all faith in elections and only believe that governments come into power through fraud and deceit. Imran Khan stressed the necessity of democracy for the future of Pakistan and doesn’t agree to media houses such as GEO News which conform to the influence of foreign institutions when catering to the masses of the country.

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