GEO News display insensitive content in child abuse coverage

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08th Aug, 2015. 11:49 am
GEO News display insensitive content in child abuse coverage

GEO News display insensitive content in child abuse coverage

The lows of reporting – GEO News display irresponsible behavior in coverage of child abuse

Yet again, broadcasters in Pakistan have displayed unprofessional and irresponsible behavior. GEO TV did so in its coverage of the infamous child abuse scandal. With the ring being exposed and arrested in Kasur, Punjab, sending shockwaves throughout the nation, the country’s biggest news channel GEO provided no coverage of the major incident.

GEO News finally provided some material on the development, with DPO Kasur Rai Bahadur appearing on the news bulletin in the evening. Mr. Bahadur proceeded to provide a completely different narrative, claiming that the entire scandal was simply a land dispute, misquoting that only 7 videos had been uncovered.

Despite clear links with local politicians in the Kasur region, GEO refused to correct or authenticate any information, instead of continuing to follow the land dispute angle of the story.

GEO Channel also continued to portray the entire story as a land dispute. Despite reporters on the ground clearly showing the magnitude and scale of the child abuse operation, news channels such as  GEO continued to misreport and misinform to the public.

Broadcasting and journalism practices in Pakistan must focus on the ethics and protocols of reporting, rather than getting involved in misinformation. This not only raises questions about the media in Pakistan but also misguides and confuses the general public. Concerned authorities such as PEMRA must take notice and take strict action against such blatant violations of broadcasting ethics and protocols.

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