Congo Virus claims three lives in Karachi

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

20th Aug, 2019. 03:41 pm
Congo virus took three lives in Karachi

According to the details, 13 cases of death have been reported in Karachi due to Congo virus, this year.

DG Health Sindh Dr. Masood Solangi stated that 45 year old Syed Asad Ali Rizvi was admitted in the emergency of Indus Hospital, where he lost the battle of life after being diagnosed with Congo Virus.

Resident of Thatta, 24 year old, Hamal Jammu and 24 year old Shabbir, resident of Machh Goth also passed away in Jinnah Hospital after they were taken to hospital in a critical condition, where doctors diagnosed them with Congo Virus.

Congo Virus or Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) is a tick borne viral disease that infects wild and domestic animals, including livestock.

Humans can contract this disease by getting bitten by an infected tick living on the host animal or coming into contact with the blood, tissues or fresh meat of the infected animal.

Human-to-human transmission is also possible in case of close contact with the organs, blood or other secretions and bodily fluids of the infected person.

Congo virus does not survive high temperatures, and well-cooked meat does not pose any risk of transmission of the virus.

According to doctors, it’s necessary that animals are kept away from human population.

Experts advise that if the animals are kept inside houses, fumigation sprays should be used to kill the growing bacteria, which can lead to such diseases.

Women and elderly people should avoid going to cattle farms or to places where these animals are bought and sold.

Mosquito sprays should also be used frequently as bees and mosquito also carry the germs of congo virus, according to experts.

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