Number of HIV victims exceeds 4000 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

By Anum Rizwan - Web Editor

23rd September, 2019

More than 4000 cases of HIV patients have been registered in Kyber Pakhtun Khuwa. The number of unregistered victims are countless, HIV virus is being transferred to children from their parents due to lack of proper treatment.

The virus is being transferred due to more intake of drugs injection in men and due to the use of unhygienic instruments and transfer of blood during child birth in women, as per the report of medical complex Hayat Abad.

Apart from men and women, Transgenders also became victims of virus, over 25 transgenders contain the symptoms of HIV virus.

HIV virus in humans badly affect the immune system of the body, resulting in loss of lives. The number of victims in men exceeded 3000, whereas the number of women exceeded over 1000. Carelessness and lack of appropriate treatment has caused transmission of virus from parents to children as well.

Given that over One thousand thirty eight cases of AIDS have been reported in Larkana, including 883 cases of children, according to the statistics given by health department of Sindh.

The report also says that 34 thousand 299 patients have been treated with screening.

According to reports, four new cases of HIV were confirmed while carrying out screening tests of patients in Ratto Dero, Sindh.

The total number of HIV cases in the Sindh province has soared to staggering 901.

According to facts and figures, infected people include 740 children and 161 adults. During the last two and a half month screening process, total of 30 thousand and 939 people have been tested for AIDS.

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