To stop dengue attacks across the country becomes a challenge

Abbas Haider Reporter

22nd Oct, 2019. 11:38 am

Asif Shakoor Reporter

22nd Oct, 2019. 11:38 am

Rao Afnan Reporter

22nd Oct, 2019. 11:38 am
Dengue attacks become uncontrollable

Widely spread Dengue attacks has becomes an open challenge for anti-Dengue cell nationwide.

More than 150 citizens are suffering from dengue every day in Sindh, reports said.

According to the details, Anti-Dengue Cell has formed Response Committees in several districts of Sindh. The committees will also provide mosquito bites curing.

In Sindh this month, more than 3,600 urban dengue victims were reported from across the province.

This year, the number of dengue victims across the province has exceeded 6,800.

As many as 6,446 citizens have been affected this year from Karachi while more than 400 from other districts of Sindh have been affected.

The Health Department of Sindh says that 20 people have died of dengue this year. Last year, 2,088 people were affected by dengue out of which two died.

In addition, there were 2,927 dengue cases reported in 2017, of which 12 died.

Earlier, 166 new cases have been registered in the province in last 24 hours.

Last month, 1807 were reportedly affected by dengue virus in Sindh province, whereas, 1675 were only reported in Karachi.

According to the Dengue Control and Prevention Program, 100 cases are being reported in a single day in metropolis.

Dozens of citizens have been diagnosed with the mosquito-borne viral disease in Karachi.

30 patients, who belong to North Nazimabad Block F, have been admitted to Habib Medical and a nearby hospital for treatment.

Dengue cases are on the rise in Punjab as 3 have been confirmed with dengue in last 24 hours in Multan’s Nishtar Hospital.

22 among the 25 admitted in Nishtar Isolation Ward have been confirmed with the mosquito-borne virus.

144 new dengue cases emerged in Karachi in 24 hours, after which the total number of dengue-affected people in Karachi alone has exceeded to more than 2,000.

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