Ischemia: Does angioplasty necessary for cardiac patients?

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22nd Nov, 2019. 09:50 pm

Ischemia is a new medical study reveals that angioplasty and other interventional treatments are not much better then treating a patient with medicine.

According to the details, the International Study of Comparative Health Effectiveness With Medical And Invasive Approaches (ISCHEMIA) has delivered a decisive result After more than 10 years and $100 million: an invasive strategy on top of optimal medical therapy (OMT) offers no benefit beyond OMT alone in preventing a range of major cardiovascular events in patients with stable, moderate-to-severe coronary artery disease.

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Where angiography followed by PCI or CABG did have the edge over medical care in this hotly anticipated study was angina relief. Among trial subjects with daily or weekly angina, half of the invasively treated patients were angina-free at 1 year, compared to just 20% in the OMT group.

Dr Fawad Farooq is a senior interventional cardiologist at the National institute of cardio vascular disease discuss the new study in a video posted on social media.

He said, patients with minor cardiac signs can be treated through medicines and he also opt the same treatment plan for his patients.

Angiography and angioplasty does not gives more advanced results in patients having minor angina pain or stress, he quoted Ischemia study.

Dr Farooq also advise his fellow cardiologists in his video that they should also work on the results if Ischemia and critically analyze their patients rather they need interventional treatment or they can be managed through medicine.

Who is Fawad Farooq?

Fawad is assistant professor and interventional cardiologist in National institute of cardiovascular disease, and he is also running a Facebook page and a YouTube channel in Urdu language for spreading awareness related to cardiac health issues.

His channel has a countrywide audience and hundreds of thousands of physicians follow him along with masses in social media to upgrade their knowledge.



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