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Pakistan ranks 4th in the world for diabetes prevalence

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

29th Nov, 2019. 04:09 pm
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sugar patient

A new data reveals that Pakistan becomes the fourth country among the top 10 for diabetes prevalence list.

As per the details, Dr Sarwar Malik, head of the Federal Government Polyclinic Diabetes Department has said that there is a dire need to take emergency steps for the control and prevention of the ‘silent killer’ characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood.

In a seminar related to diabetes, the doctor said that “In Pakistan, the situation regarding diabetes is alarming. We used to rank 10th in the world in terms of having the highest number of people living with diabetes, but now, the ranking position has reached fourth as the disease has reached epidemic proportions.”

Dr Sarwar Malik called for better public awareness of diabetes for prevention and treatment. He warned that diabetes had the potential to cause damage to various body organs if people were negligent.


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