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Artificial retina created to remove blindness

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

13th Dec, 2019. 03:15 am
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Blindness is a common problem in old page people. This can be caused due to Age-relative Macular Degeneration (AMD). However, experts in Paris have created an artificial patch for old age people to cure blindness.

The initial experiments of this patch were highly appreciated.

Mostly, blindness in old-aged people is usually caused due to AMD in which the eyelids and retina gradually weaken.

Now, the French institute of health and medical research has created a patch that can be put inside the retina, this patch copy the characteristics of the cells that sense light. These cells are called photoreceptors.

This technique has been tested on animals first, and hopeful results have come out.

Details of the electrical patch have been published in biomedical engineering. This electric patch if put inside the retina where it is merged with photoreceptors of electrode retina.

In this manner, two companies had created such patches but they did not succeed. However, each pixel of the patch made by a French company activates a different cell. The results of this come out in a detailed scenario. The patch will be tested on five patients in the next phase. It will take years for the patch to be introduced in the market.

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