More than 9 thousand cases of HIV AIDS reported in Pakistan this year

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

07th Dec, 2019. 02:58 am
cases of aids

Over 9 thousand 565 cases of HIV Aids have been confirmed this year in Pakistan.

According to details, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) AIDS is spreading rapidly in Pakistan and over 9 thousand 565 people are confirmed to have HIV AIDS so far this year.

During this year, 895 people, including 754 children, are confirmed to have HIV in Ratto Dero, Larkana.

According to the national AIDS control program, the estimated number of patients has reached more than one lac 65 thousand, whereas the overall number of registered patients all over the country has crossed 36 thousand and nine.

Among the registered ones, the registered patients include 18 thousand 220 males, 4 thousand 170 females, 564 male children, and 426 female children.

Among the registered ones, 20 thousand 994 patients are being treated.

According to details, 6426 patients became the victim of the HIV Virus due to the intake of drugs through injections.


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