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Tiny plastic particles can be dangerous for health

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

11th Dec, 2019. 08:52 am
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The excessive use of plastic has created a lot of problems for the earth and living beings. However, the never-ending tiny particles of plastic are miserable as well. They have been mixed in our food. The experts have demanded to focus on the dangers caused by health due to plastic.

According to experts, the main reason behind the spread of particles is that we have excessively used plastic in the last 50 years which weighs up to 8 billion tons. This plastic will not be eliminated in thousands of years and the plastic is still converting into tiny particles. These particles are hard to see and have embedded in aquatic resources, farms and even livestock.

American experts have said that these particles cannot be seen, tasted, heard, smelled and stopped. We have not done systematic planning to clean the plastic. Pollution through plastic has become a threat to aquatic animals and other living beings.

However, the experts have also said that they have less knowledge of the dangers the particles cause on the human body. The particles are small like a nano-scale.

Experts from all over the world have said that there is an immediate need to take steps to protect the earth from plastic pollution. On the other hand, the proper research on the effects of plastic on humans is not started. But the majority of professionals have said that the overview of the negative effects of plastic should begin immediately.

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