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Toddlers at high risk of allergies if exposed to indoor pollutants

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

17th Dec, 2019. 11:53 am
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New study revealed that toddlers if exposed to more indoor pollutants have high allergy risk.

The latest findings termed first year of Toddlers to be very sensitive.

As they mostly stay at home, the indoor pollutants causes high risk of allergies.

Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology published the study.

The study  included 108 mother-child pairs.

The Researchers evaluated exposures to various household pollutants.

Although, study covered pregnant women and children  aged 6 months, 1 year, 2 years.

A skin prick test performed on both the mothers and children when they were to measure allergic sensitivity.

However, the study examined the relation between multiple exposures and  allergic sensitization in children.

“Exposure to dogs, cats, air fresheners, candles, mold, environmental tobacco smoke and carpet, all of which have been associated with childhood allergies was examined,” explained in journal.

“Of the exposures we measured, prenatal exposure to candles, 6-month exposure to cats and 2-year exposure to ETS significantly increased the chance of a positive skin prick test at 2 years of age.”

Allergic sensitivity means that a person has or may have had an allergic type immune response to a substance. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the substance causes them problems.

The increase in the average amount of time indoors means there is an increased risk of harmful health outcomes related to exposure to indoor air pollutants.
Additionally, children breathe more frequently per minute than adults, and mostly breathe through their mouths.
These differences could allow for air pollutants to penetrate more deeply into the lungs and at higher concentrations, making children more vulnerable to air pollutants.

The study concluded if toddlers till one year of age exposed to indoor pollutants suffer most to allergies than adults.

Allergies can cause sudden and serious life-threatening symptoms.

Toddlers have extreme troubles in breathing.

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