Your Boss can give you heart attack

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

24th Dec, 2019. 02:01 pm

Your boss can give you a heart attack and yes this is true. If your boss is bothering you it might have bad affects on health. This is the alarming situation and certainly you need to think about it !

A study shows that Working for an Incompetent Boss Can Raise Risk of Heart Disease.

Swedish study states that people who consider their bosses to be unfair, arbitrary, inconsiderate, and generally deficient in managerial skills are at greater risk for having a heart disease event such as a heart attack.

The researchers conducted a 10 year study of over 3,000 men in average workplaces,

During the monitoring period, 74 participants experienced instances of fatal and non-fatal heart attacks, angina, or death from heart disease.

The more competent that workers ranked their managers, the lower their risk of serious heart problems.

The association between perceived leadership of managers and the risk of serious heart problems among workers increased the longer an employee worked for the same company

The study showed, suggesting that stress caused by bad bosses may increase over time.

The researchers suggest companies take steps to improve managers’ deficient skills, as rated by their subordinates

To ward off serious heart disease of workers.

However, Participants used a rating system for their senior managers

They graded them on such things as how good they  at communicating and offering feedback, their success at managing change, their ability to set goals, and how much they delegated.

Higher leadership scores were found to be associated with lower risk for heart disease

Moreover The association was “robust to adjustments for education, social class, income, supervisory status, perceived physical load at work, smoking, physical exercise, [body mass index], lipids, fibrinogen, and diabetes.”

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