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Take “no sugar” challenge this year

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

04th Jan, 2020. 04:21 pm
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Carbohydrates, particularly sugar have become essential parts of our diet. However, we cannot wonder how consuming sugars more than the needed amount can create devastating impacts on our bodies.

According to a foreign study, an average American eats 17 teaspoons of added sugar a day. However, experts recommend taking nine teaspoons of sugar a day for man, and six teaspoons for a woman. Also, three teaspoons of sugar are recommended for children a day, depending on age and body mass.

Dessert items may include candies, juices, and other desserts. Fruits, dairy products and other natural items also contain glucose and other sugars. Our body requires a specific proportion of each nutrient. Overconsumption of sugars can lead to diabetes, obesity and other notable diseases.

By cutting off excessive sugar in your diet, you will see notable changes in your body. Professor of Pediatric endocrinology at the University of California Dr. Robert says, “It’s not about being obese, it has to do with metabolic health.” It means, that lessening the intake of sugar is not only restricted for a fat person, but it is also recommended for a thin person. It is because irregular intake of ingredients can influence even a normal weighted person.

Lessening sugar amount is challenging, not impossible. You can take a week’s challenge. Avoid having artificial sweeteners, added sugars, flavored dairy products, alcohol, juices, and other such materials. Avoid eating too much carbohydrates as well. If you really feel the need, try using natural foods such as fruits, honey, natural dairy products, and other materials. This will make your skin glow and will set you free from the risks of dangerous diseases.




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