Ten Passengers on cruise ship diagnosed with coronavirus in Japan

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

05th Feb, 2020. 12:54 pm
At least 10 people onboard a cruise docked in the Japanese port of Yokohama are diagnosed with coronavirus.

At least 10 people onboard a cruise ship docked in the Japanese port of Yokohama are diagnosed with coronavirus.

The death toll in China increased to 490 due to coronavirus. More than 24,300 cases of coronavirus are confirmed in China.

Health authorities say that around 300 of the 3700 people have been screened for the detection in Diamond Princess ship.

The screening began when a man who belonged to Hong Kong fell sick with the virus on the ship.

Japanese broadcaster NHK said that all these patients aged over 50.

Four were in their 50s, four were in the 60s and one was in the 70s and the remaining one was in the 80s. none of them were in critical condition.

Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Katu said, “We had them [the ones who tested positive] get off the vessel and… we are sending them to medical organizations,” He also informed that 31 results from 273 people were screened.

Authorities believe that the Hong Kong man was the source onboard to spread the virus. He was onboard the cruise ship in Yokohama Japan on 25th January. He was then diagnosed with the virus.

Passengers and crew members will be quarantined for two weeks.

A British passenger informed the local news, “We are now officially in quarantine. We are to remain on board the ship and we are confined to our cabins,”

Another passenger said, “We are in trouble because [her] medicine is running out. Many of the passengers are old and some are as troubled as we are,”

Note that there are 20 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Japan.

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