WHO says cancer cases in developing countries may increase by 81% by 2040

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

08th Feb, 2020. 03:21 pm
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World Health Organisation (WHO) says that underdeveloped and developing countries will likely face exceptional conditions of cancer in the next 20 years.

WHO says that the number of cancer patients can increase to over 81 percent in such countries.

WHO has explained the possible causes behind this change. It can be due to lack of investments in infrastructure, preparations of experts, hospitals and researches.

WHO has declared that all these countries are investing either on the health of mothers and adolescents or on infectious diseases.

WHO’s deputy chief Dr. Ren Minghui said that their research is an eye-opener that is reflecting the gap between rich and poor countries regarding facilities for cancer. He also said that if “If patients are provided with first aid and access to other institutions in the first phase, cancer can be cured in a timely manner,”. Cancer should not be deadly for anyone and anywhere else.

This report was issued at the event of World Cancer Day. It says that an investment of 25 million dollars can save lots of lives in the next decade.

On this occasion, another WHO professional said that too much investment is not required to control cancer.

It was also mentioned in the report that the number of cancer patients can jump to 60 percent until 2040 in the whole world. Smoking is still the most significant cause of 25percent deaths.

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