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Coronavirus patient suffers for several weeks

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

21st Mar, 2020. 11:22 pm
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The coronavirus pandemic is extremely dangerous and very painful for the patient. And the people infecting from this virus suffer for several weeks.

Chris Gough, an anesthetist from Oxford, UK shared his experience of recovering from COVID-19.

Chris wrote in a series of  Tweets about emerging from this frightening experience of fighting with coronavirus.

He said “Now that I am recovering from Covid-19, I want to share my symptoms, and my experience, in case it is of help to anyone else. I’ve felt pretty rotten the last few days, but am finally improving. I am only talking about my own experiences – as a patient, not a doctor.”

 Day One

“The day of fevers and exhaustion. Shivers and sweats were the story of the day. That and being utterly exhausted, with whole-body ache. Random temp: 38.5. One flight of stairs then stop for a rest. No appetite at all.”

Day Two

“No energy. Horizontal is the position to be in. Sweats/shivers ongoing, but not as bad as yesterday. Cough more noticeable but not a big issue. Intermittent headache started. Whole body still aches, and feeling weak. Zero appetite. Felt a bit brighter in the eve.”

Day Three

“Feeling worse. Headache and fatigue worse. Cough less frequent. Appetite improving but far from normal. Another day of frequent naps & predominantly horizontal state. Had to help with childcare in the evening – either baby has doubled in weight or I’m half as strong.”

Day four

“Ongoing fatigue and reduced appetite. Cough very infrequent now. Headaches still present, but improving. Whole body still aches. Functionally pretty useless. Would quite like to feel better. My brother is improving. His girlfriend now has symptoms.”

Day Five

Still pretty tired. No headaches any more. Appetite up to 1/2 or 2/3 of normal. Still no desire to leave the bed/sofa, let alone the house, which is fortunate since I still have 2 days of self-isolation to go.

Day Six

“Feeling a little better. Or, thought I was, but then fell asleep on the sofa for an hour. So fatigue ongoing, and lacking energy. Still no desire to leave the house. Hoping tomorrow will bring much more energy.”

The coronavirus survivor also advised people to follow the precautions to conquer the disease.

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