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Difference between plant-based diet & vegan diet you need to know

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

18th Mar, 2020. 05:05 pm
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Difference between plant-based diet & vegan diet you need to know

Experts suggest various diet plans for weight and fat loss. However, not everyone knows the difference between vegan diet and plant-based diet.

Vegan diet

When you are committing to start vegan diet, you will have to avoid all types of animal products such as meat, milk, eggs and even honey.

Jerlyn Jones R.D.N., L.D., owner of the lifestyle Dietitian explained the definition, “A vegan lifestyle comprises of excluding all animal products, such as eggs, dairy, meat, and even honey,”

 “They eat fruits, vegetables, beans legumes, nuts, and seeds instead to comprise most of their meal plans.”

The idea is to cut off all types of products derived from animals.

Plant-based diet

Vegan and plant-based diet are somewhat similar, but they differ too.

Plant-based means you must include plant items in every meal you consume.

Diana Suigiuchi, RDN, LDN, founder of Nourish Family Nutrition, said, “There’s not any one definition of what ‘plant-based’ is,”

“For some people, that means no meat; for some, that means a little bit of meat; and for some, that means adding in more plants.”

Jones said, “The two lifestyles are very similar, but the key difference is that you’re not necessarily eliminating all animal products in a plant-based diet,”

 “The emphasis is mostly on the vegetables and fruits, but you may also include things like chicken or seafood every once in a while.”

Which diet is better?

Jones said that every person can benefit from adopting plant-based foods. 

He said, “It’s not limited to only those who want to prevent or treat certain diseases. Everyone can get on board with eating more fruits and vegetables, because that’s what’s recommended.” Ideally, around every meal must contain plants.

Consuming more plants is a great way to lose body weight. Both vegans and plant-based diets are good. Experts advise eating more plant proteins than animal proteins. However, it is highly advisable to consult expert dietician, as nutritional values differ from person to person

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