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Few effective home remedies to ease period pain

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

10th Mar, 2020. 09:33 am
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Pain during periods can be really disturbing, and may even disrupt your day to day life.

Some pain during menstruation is considered to be normal. But in case the pain is excessive and makes you miss your work or school, there is something to get worried about.

Women who are at high risk of painful periods include those under 20, the ones who have family history of painful periods, those who experience heavy bleeding during periods, those who reached puberty before the age of 11 and those who have never had a baby.

Muscle contractions in the uterus can cause pain and inflammation. It is because of prostaglandin hormone that these contractions occur.

Levels of this hormone rise right before menstruation begins.

Here are a few tips and simple home remedies to ease period pain.

Tips & Remedies:

  1. Mainly bananas can be much helpful in easing period pain.

A week before your periods, every morning you should soak raisins and saffron.

However, this is possible only when you know the date of your periods or you have a regular menstrual cycle.

2. Having soaked raisins and saffron as the first thing in the morning can be helpful in easing period pain.

3. Including any kind of legume or sprouts in your diet every other day can also help in easing pain.

All kind of legumes you should try to include in your diet every other day.

4. Foods which come in the category of vegetables like raw banana, sweet potato, and Arbi to name a few should also be a part of your diet in case you experience painful periods.

These veggies should be in your diet twice a week.

5. Get regular with exercise. It is the single most effective remedy for all people who face problems with irregular periods or painful periods.

6. Eating calcium supplements every night can be helpful in easing period pain.

You need to look for the compound known as calcium citrate in the calcium supplements. They are easily available with pharmacists.

All of the aforementioned remedies can together work wonders towards easing period pain.

Other effective home remedies for easing period pain include using a heating pad on your pelvic area or massaging your abdomen.

Warm baths, eating light and nutritious meals, exercising regularly, lying down with your knees bent or raising your legs will also help reducing pain.

Above all the remedies and tips, it’s always better to consult your doctor first in any case of emergency.

Don’t always rely on the given information or tips.

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