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Pregnancy Myths: All the truth you need to know

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

20th Mar, 2020. 10:52 am
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Pregnancy, no doubt comes with many responsibilities, you have to take of yourself and the little fella growing inside your belly.

Although it always have associated with lots of myths, about mother’s health and eating habits. But reality is totally different.Read this story to bust the myths and get to know about how to maintain your and baby health.

The most important thing is to follow a healthy diet plan that will be essential with vitamins and nutrients.Many of the women during their pregnancy must have gone through lots of suggestions like, you have to eat for two, or you can eat anything, should not gain weight, indigestion is normal, etc

But women will be surprised to know all these are myths and they have been followed blindly. So what are the myths?Let’s know about them:

Pregnancy Myths

Maintaining weight

Gaining weight is not good because it’s difficult to shed. So, pregnant women should maintain weight. This may have a negative impact on the baby’s growth.

But the actual thing that 11-12 kilos of weight gain normal. This weight gain generally happens for baby’s development and blood pressure for the delivery.Before getting tensed about your weight gain, consult your gynecologist.

Eating for two

‘You have to eat for two’ this is the saying that many of the women go through during pregnancy.

But actual truth is that you don’t need to have extra calories rather pregnant women should maintain a healthy diet plan.Grains intake for energy; nuts, legumes and seeds for plant proteins, meat, egg, fish based protein, milk for calcium and lots of fruits.To control your food portion, consult a nutritionist.

Meals skipping

Its said during pregnancy that if you skip the meal, the chances of nausea and indigestion are bigger.However skipping meals can weaken the mother.

If your nausea is getting worse, then consult your doctor but don’t start skipping meals. Having jam on toast, vanilla ice-cream, fresh lemon water can reduce the symptoms of nausea.

Do not Drink Tea

You might have heard that pregnant women should not drink tea because it’s harmful for baby.However Tea a great source of antioxidants needed for a healthy body. So, it can consumed but of course, within a limit.  Excessive consumption of tea may cause acidity.

Taking Sweets

Having more sugary foods like chocolates, sweets, juices, etc. do nothing except providing some empty calories without any nutrients.The traditional panjiri are healthy but don’t forget to stay within a limit while having them.

Gut health

It’s normal to have a disturbed digestion process during pregnancy but that’s totally a myth.A healthy gut is equivalent to having better absorption of nutrients, better protection from infections and better health.Digestion problems can caused due to stressful physiological changes in body during pregnancy.So, having fiber-rich foods like whole grains, fruits, legumes will promote a healthy digestion process during this phase.Eat curd to take care of your gut health.

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