From better digestion to weight loss, Do this when you wake Up!

From better digestion to weight loss, Do this when you wake Up!

From better digestion to weight loss, Do this when you wake Up!

Believe it or not! But for better digestion to weight loss and for better immunity of course! This should be the first thing you must do when you wake up! You must have studied in science classes, that 70% of the body is made up of water.

Unfortunately, many of us miss drinking water throughout the day leave alone drinking it as the first thing in the morning.

Let’s find out how it will help you:

Removal of toxins and bowel movements

The kidneys need right amount of water to remove waste from the bloodstream and expel them in the form of urine.


This is not all, on an empty stomach it also aids in bowel movements and promote bowel regularity.

So, say bye to constipation and other IBS issues with this simple technique.

Helps in weight loss

The practice of drinking water on an empty stomach as the first thing will be helpful.

As per reports, same bolster metabolism and thus aiding in weight loss.

As per a study, intake of 500 ml of water increased the metabolic rate by 30%. Cold water will be more beneficial as it will lead to a thermogenic effect thus leading to weight loss.


The feeling of fullness also restricts more calorie intake which indirectly promotes weight loss.

Helps to keep internal organs healthy

Drinking water in the morning also helps in the proper functioning of internal organs. The lymphatic system gets healthier when there is a better balance of body fluids.

Better immunity and energy

Boost your immunity and power to fight infections with a glass of water in the morning.

It also aids us to feel energized as dehydration can make us feel tired and sluggish.


Helps to boost mental performance

Suffering from poor memory and focus? Then this morning trick should help with the same.

Drinking a glass of water leads to better mental performance.

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