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Contact lens wearers should properly follow hand hygiene

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

14th Apr, 2020. 04:06 pm
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Contact lens wearers

Wearing contact lens during any circumstances is considered to be an obligation for people having eye sight issues.

People can even keep wearing their contact lens during COVID-19 pandemic, as long as they follow proper hygienic rules and directions.

The study delves into multiple aspects of eye health amidst the global health crisis, with a specific emphasis on the safe use of contact lenses.

“Our findings indicate that contact lenses remain a perfectly acceptable form of vision correction during the coronavirus pandemic, as long as people observe good hand hygiene and follow appropriate wear-and-care directions,” said study lead author Lyndon Jones from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

“Unfortunately, we have seen a number of erroneous reports regarding contact lenses and spectacles in recent days.

Our goal is to make sure that science-backed truths are understood and shared, helping eye care practitioners provide accurate, timely counsel to patients,” Jones added.

According to the study, the research team has developed some facts for eye care practitioners to share with anyone who relies on contact lenses or glasses.

There is currently no scientific evidence that contact lens wearers have an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 compared with spectacles wearers, the researchers said.

Thorough hand washing and drying are essential, as well as properly wearing and caring for contact lenses, ensuring good contact lens case hygiene, and regularly cleaning glasses or spectacles with soap and water.

These habits will help the people stay healthy, thereby minimizing impacts on the wider healthcare system.

The researchers said that no scientific evidence supports rumours that everyday eyeglasses offer protection against COVID-19.

According to the researchers, contact lens wearers who are ill should temporarily revert to wearing eyeglasses or spectacles.

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