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Focus on these 5 simple yet effective ways to control Hair Fall

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

16th Apr, 2020. 04:50 pm
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Hair Fall

Hair Fall is troublesome commonly when we get older or when we treat our hair badly.

Hair Fall and thinning are common as we age, but that doesn’t make them easier to deal with.

It is a common problem usually found in women, due to many hormonal issues.

If we follow few key points in our daily routine it will genuinely help us in many ways.

Here are five simple but effective ways to control hair loss:

1. Clean Up Your Diet

Protein is a crucial building block for all sorts of tissues, including hair. Add an adequate amount of protein in your diet from dietary sources like milk, eggs, and fish.

2. Consult Your Doctor

If your hair loss started at a young age, it may not be a normal side effect of aging. Unexpected hair loss can be a symptom of hormonal imbalance, stress, thyroid disease or other side effects.

3. Break Bad Habits

Reducing hair loss is not that easy, even having unhealthy scalp deducts beauty from your personality. Breaking bad habits such as, quitting smoking can improve circulation throughout your body, including your scalp, to help strengthen hair and better growth.

Here are a few more bad habits worth kicking from your life:

  1. Not drinking enough water
  2. Not getting enough sleep
  3. Too much sun exposure

4. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise do many wonders to our body specially reduces hair loss permanently. Working up a sweat during your workout can help flush dirt and oil out of your hair follicles and promote new growth.

In the longer term, regular exercise can be a powerful way to relieve stress (which often contributes to hair loss) and keep your body healthy.

5. Be Kind To Your Hair

Our hair tends to get drier and more brittle as we get older, so it’s important to treat it gently in order to avoid breakage.

Some simple guidelines will help to be kind to your hair:

  1. Use hot tools sparingly, and when you do, use them on the lowest heat setting.
  2. Avoid dramatic changes in hair color, since the process can make hair brittle.
  3. Brush hair gel or hairspray into your hair while it’s still wet to avoid breakage.
  4. Avoid unnecessary brushing, combing, curling, or straightening to keep your roots strong.
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