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Get rid of stubborn belly fat with just 5 core exercises

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

12th Apr, 2020. 04:21 pm
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Remove belly fat

To get rid of stubborn belly fat is considered as the most difficult task specially for women.

Usually it becomes more difficult to skip fatty foods or contain some diet to lose belly fat. But, if you are serious about losing the extra weight, then you have to get moving.

A few core exercises without equipment can help burn belly fat and extra body weight.

Boosting core strength is crucial for everyday health and mobility of your body.

It also improves muscles functioning and stabilizes respiratory functions as well. A strong core also keeps hip and knee injuries at bay.

Have look at five core exercises for a flat belly:

1. Russian Twists

2. Planks

3. Leg Raises 

4. Sit-ups 

5. Boat Pose

These effective core exercises strengthens the abdominal, hip flexors and the spine.

It also stimulates better kidney and thyroid function. It might help with digestive problems and relieving stress.

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