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Risk of obesity increases amid Coronavirus lockdown

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

16th Apr, 2020. 10:45 pm
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Risk of obesity increases amid Coronavirus lockdown

The risk of obesity has increased in people confined to homes due to the ongoing lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus across the country.

The main reason for the increase in obesity is eating excessive amount of food, lack of exercise, and walking.

Medical experts say obese people have a low immune system against the COVID-19, which increases their risk of contracting the coronavirus, not just social distancing but good diet and regular exercise is also necessary to contain the virus.

Lockdown has led to people being confined to homes and those living in homes are entertaining themselves with only food and sleep.

If normal life activities are abandoned, a large number of citizens will become obese.

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Medical experts said they have reported an increase in obesity amidst lockdown.

Obesity during lockdown  is a result of excessive diet consumption, lack of physical activities and exercise at home.

Medical experts say people should refrain from eating, oily and  junk food, and avoid eating without starvation.

Nutritiona advice to people is to eat healthy food that can boost their immune system against diseases.

These days people should increase the consumption of simple foods like pulses, grain, lemons, green leafy vegetables, fruits, malt and bananas.

Medical experts say that if you want to be healthy during coronavirus  lockdown, exercise at home should be followed by lightweight exercise, yoga, playing with children and other healthy activities.

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