What will be the price of corona vaccine?

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

14th Apr, 2020. 01:13 pm
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Dow University’s doctor Shaukat Ali has said that coronavirus treatment will not be expensive. The price of the vaccine will be equal to the price of rabies and the diphtheria vaccine.

A Dow University spokesperson has claimed that they had discovered globulin for coronavirus treatment.

The spokesperson had said that experts have prepared intravenous immunoglobulin (IIG) from the antibodies derived from blood samples taken from recovered patients. Coronavirus patients can be treated with this vaccine.

Dr. Shaukat was invited in a morning show in which he said that they have reached to the level where they can separate antibodies from the plasma taken from recovered patients. They can also do formulation by cleaning the antibodies and it is safe.

He further said that safety study has been conducted over animals for coronavirus treatment, they would require cooperation from the recovered patients.

Dr. Shaukat added that they are aware of conditions of regulators for coronavirus medicines, they are trying to comply with whatever the regulator needs. They have met the requirements for drip.

He further said that the preparation of medicine depends on the availability of blood from the recovered patients.

Dr. Shaukat also talked about the price of the vaccine. He said that the price of coronavirus will not be more expensive. The price will be equal to the price of rabies and diphtheria.

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