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Antibodies in breast milk can protect babies from infecting coronavirus, study says

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

11th May, 2020. 07:43 pm
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Antibodies in breast milk can protect babies from infecting coronavirus, study says

A recent study says that breast milk from mothers infected from coronavirus may have antibodies. Study says that antibodies found in breast milk from coronavirus infected mothers can protect their baby from contracting the virus.

The study was conducted on the hypothesis that human milk contains some proportion of antibodies. Those antibodies can prevent babies from infecting from coronavirus.

According to details, 15 milk samples were taken and tested for reactivity from donors previously contracted coronavirus whereas 10 negative control samples were also taken.

It was written in the study, “The data [findings from the study] indicates that there is a strong SARS-CoV-2 immune response in human milk after infection in the majority of individuals and that a comprehensive study of this response is highly warranted,”

Dr. Rebecca Powell of The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, who led the study, told the international news agency Reuters, “Nursing mothers who are infected with the novel coronavirus should continue to breastfeed throughout their Covid-19 illness and beyond,”

She said, “Because other researchers have shown that transmission does not occur via milk and we have determined that antibodies are almost certainly there, and may protect their babies from infection,”

“We hope that the antibody levels [in breast milk] are high and have a protective function. This is important for breastfed babies, obviously.

Rebecca Powell told to another news source before starting a research, “Beyond that, if there are high levels of protective antibodies, those antibodies could be purified and used in treatments in severe cases of Covid-19,”

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