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Easy way to lose a belly fat

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

30th May, 2020. 08:17 pm
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Easy way to lose a belly fat

Loss of fat around the abdomen and waist is a common goal of weight loss.

The fat that accumulates around the abdomen and waist is extremely harmful to health and according to medical science, it has a strong connection with various diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

That is why reducing this fat is very beneficial for health and personality.

A waist of more than 40 inches in men and more than 35 inches in women means that you need to reduce extra fat from your belly.

Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process of losing your belly fat.

Avoid sugary and sweet drinks

Foods that contain sugar can be harmful to health, especially if they are consumed too much, leading to weight gain.

Various research reports have shown that sugar has negative effects on metabolic health and excessive consumption of sugar can lead to the accumulation of fat around the stomach and liver.

Some circles believe that this is the main component of the negative effects of sugar on health, ie the increase in fat in the stomach and liver, which can lead to a number of metabolic problems, including insulin resistance.

Liquid sugar or sweet drinks can be considered the worst in this regard and the brain does not register the calories it receives in the same way as it does solid calories, in simple words when you drink sweet drinks you got more calories.

A study found that one extra soft drink a day increased the risk of obesity by 60%.

Of course, it is not possible to give up sugar completely, but at least try to reduce the use of sugar, especially make it a habit to drink sugary drinks as little as possible.

Take more protein in your diet

Protein is probably the most important nutrient for weight loss.

Research reports show that protein can reduce food cravings by up to 60%, while stimulating metabolism helps burn 80 to 100 extra calories and reduce body fat.

Protein not only helps in weight loss but also helps in preventing re-growth.

Protein is thought to be the most effective way to reduce belly fat, and one study found that people who ate more and better protein had significantly lower belly fat than others.

Consumption of high protein foods such as eggs, fish, pulses, nuts, meat and dairy products can help.

Low carbohydrate intake

Eating less starchy foods is also an effective way to lose fat.

Numerous research reports have confirmed that when carbohydrate consumption is reduced, appetite decreases and body weight begins to decrease.

Nearly 2 dozen research reports have found that low-starch foods can reduce body weight by 2-3 times compared to low-fat diets.

Low starch consumption helps in rapid fluid weight loss which gives people immediate results but also makes a difference in the weighing machine in one to two days.

In particular, refined carbohydrates such as sugar, candies, white double bread and white rice should be used sparingly.

Consume more fibre-rich foods

The benefits of dietary fibre have been reported in numerous medical reports, and consumption of this nutrient helps in weight loss, but what type of fibre to use is important.

Dissolved and laced fibres are the types that help in weight loss. These types take the form of a thick gel in the stomach and dramatically slow down the movement of food in the digestive system. And the absorption of nutrients slows down, resulting in a longer full stomach and reduced appetite.

One study found that adding an extra 14 grams of fibre a day can reduce calorie intake by 10% and help you lose up to 2kg in 4 months.

Another 5-year study found that using 10 grams of soluble fibre a day could reduce fat by 3.7%.

This suggests that this fibre may be extremely effective in reducing harmful toxins.

This type of fibre is found more in vegetables, fruits and pulses, while barley also has a good amount of it.

Get regular exercise

Exercise is the best weapon that can increase the chances of a long and healthy life, while it is also very effective in dissolving excess fat.

Weight training and cardio exercises help to reduce body fat, while aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging and swimming can also significantly reduce body fat.

One study found that regular exercise can help people maintaining weight after losing weight.

Exercise reduces inflammation, lowers blood sugar levels and improves other metabolic problems.

Keep an eye on your diet

Most people know that diet is very important for health but most people do not know what kind of food should be included in a good diet.

One may think that one should eat more protein or less starchy food, but it is not possible to keep a balanced diet without tracking.

Keeping an eye on your diet does not mean checking what you eat, just look at what your diet is for a few days and it will help you to know what changes should be made.

Plan your protein intake in advance, ie, consume 25 to 30% of your daily calories or reduce your intake of harmful carbohydrates.

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