Common mistakes People make when wearing face masks

Common mistakes People make when wearing face masks

Common mistakes People make when wearing face masks

The use of face masks has been made mandatory across Pakistan for the prevention of coronavirus, the World Health Organization also recommended the use of face masks in public places in its new recommendations.

Prior to these recommendations, research from McMaster University in Canada presented evidence that common face masks made of cloth were effective in preventing coronavirus, especially masks that used several layers of cotton cloth. Which help prevent viral particles from spreading into the environment.

In fact, researchers say that cloth face masks may be effective in preventing the spread of the new Novel Coronavirus disease COVID-19, as it blocks 99% of viral particles.

Different researches stated that the use of cloth face masks among the people could be effective to prevent the pandemic disease, which not only decreases the risk of spreading the virus by the infected person but also healthy people can avoid the virus.

At present, at least 30% of coronavirus patients worldwide are asymptomatic, so using a face mask can help protect a healthy person from the coronavirus Pandemic.


But most people make mistakes when using face masks that can cause a virus.

Don’t Just cover your face

If only the face is covered with a face mask, it will increase the risk of disease, instead of decreasing.

According to Thomas Rousseau, head of the epidemiology department at the University of Buffalo in the United States, people usually, breathe through the nose and transmit viral particles into the body through inhalation, if they are already COVID-19 positive and only wear a mask and cover the mouth, sneezing can spread viral particles into the air through the nose.

In simple words, it is also important to cover the nose while wearing a face mask, otherwise, the risk is not reduced.

Keep the mask away from the body or clothing


According to experts, wearing a mask incorrectly increases the risk of bacterial contamination, if the inside of the mask comes in contact with an object such as hair, chin, neck, hands or clothing and then applying it to the mouth increases the risk of virus. ۔

If you loosen the mask, never hang it around your neck as it also increases the risk. The main purpose of the face mask is to protect the nose and mouth from viral particles. After removing the mask, do not touch the front part but place it on the corner. Grasp the cords and separate and also don’t forget to wash your hands before and after taking off the mask.

 loose face masks

If the mask is of any kind, it must fit perfectly on the face and nose, so as to form a barrier that blocks air as much as possible. If any type of mask is left loose, it will not help prevent viral particles.

Cover the nose properly

To prevent the virus, it is important to cover not only the nostrils but the entire nose. If only the nostrils are hidden, there will be a gap that will not be able to stop the flow of air, which is why experts recommend covering the upper part of the nose with a mask.


Wash the mask thoroughly

If you want to re-use the mask, it is important to make sure that it is protected from germs. Medical mappers recommend washing the masks made of cloth in the washing machine. If this is not possible, then at least once. Wash well.

If the mask is unusable, it should be safely discarded.

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