Eat healthy by changing few things from your diet

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

29th Jun, 2020. 12:16 am

Everyone wants to stay healthy but only a few want to change their eating habits. 

The lockdown has increased the laziness among people. Due to the ongoing pandemic, most of the people’s routine has become much easier, as all they are doing is just staying at home. Although it is saving them from the deadly coronavirus, due to no exercise, many of them are gaining weight.

Now you can eat healthy by staying at home, spending less money, all you have to change a few ingredients with these substitutes.

Use Whole Wheat Pasta:

Did you know you can have pasta and still be healthy? All you have to do is change all of it with the whole wheat pasta, and then you are good to go.

Use Brown Sugar:

Brown sugar is the best substitute for regular processed sugar. It has fewer calories and does not affect your health. You can use brown sugar to sweeten anything you love.

Use Whole Wheat Bread:

Instead of used flour bread for breakfast option use multigrain or whole wheat bread. Although there are more calories in that, the multigrain/whole wheat bread has more fiber and nutrients which will keep you full for a longer day.

Use Egg Whites:

Eggs can be declared Pakistan’s national ingredient.  Almost everyone loves whole eggs, but do you know they tend to have more calories and can increase your blood pressure? To remain healthy, use only egg whites in your breakfast or any snack.

Use Brown Rice:

Incorporate brown rice over white instead. You would like to sleep as soon as you eat white rice. Skip the regular white rice and enjoy brown rice.

Use Skim Milk:

Not everyone is tolerant of lactose, but if you are and want to eat dairy, try to keep your hands on skim milk because it greatly decreases your calories.

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