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Healthcare Commission to punish hospitals for illegal plasma transfusion

Gulmeena HamidWeb Editor

22nd June, 2020
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On Monday, Punjab Healthcare Commission bans plasma transfusions to Covid-19 patients without coronavirus expert advisory group’s permission.

According to details, only health care facilities approved by a corona expert advisory committee to carry out the procedure are eligible for the mission.

The healthcare commission has released a written order stating that some private and government hospitals transfused plasma without following standard operating procedures (SOPs).

It has also been revealed that health care facilities that breached SOPs to transfuse plasma are not registered for plasma therapy trials.

The commission also added that blood transfusion trials to cure coronavirus patients are still ongoing and not conclusive.

It has also been revealed that health care facilities that found transfusing or recommending plasma to patients with coronavirus will be seen as clear violators punishable by law.

Under the healthcare commission act 2010, healthcare facilities and individuals found involved in the illegal practice will face lawful action

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