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These foods can be dangerous for your health in summer

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

24th Jun, 2020. 10:57 pm
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This year’s summer season in Pakistan is getting unbearable day by day. Despite enjoying the season’s gift of mangoes, the rise in temperature, humidity, and extreme load shedding has made people’s life difficult. 

With the temperature rapidly rising, the summer season also tends to give birth to many diseases and diseases such as malaria, typhoid, jaundice, and dengue that can affect the body’s immunity.

Almost everyone tries to beat the heat with some cool beverages or by cooking a variety of delicious foods. But do you know there are foods which many of you eat on daily basis are dangerous for your health especially this summer?

Here is a list of foods you should totally avoid!

Red Meat

To all the meat lovers out there, try to avoid eating red meat, like beef, lamb, and mutton. Red meat has a high level of cholesterol and can cause heart diseases.

Spicy Food

Using fewer spices in your food can be ideal for your health this summer. Although spices bring flavors to your food it can cause many stomach problems during this hot season. Spicy heat can also leave your body dehydrated.

Boxed/ Bottled Juices

Who does not like a cold glass of juice in the scorching heat, right? But it should be better for your health only if drinking fresh juices. Processed boxed and bottled juices have an excessive amount of sugar which is not good for your health.

Salty Snacks

Thinking of snacks, one can only think about having anything salty. But do you know munching salty snacks can dehydrate your body and can cause swelling and bloating during summer? It should be better to avoid these delicious salty snacks for some time.

Fried Food

Fried or junk food is never healthy for anyone. Fried food makes the skin oilier in summers which will lead to skin issues like pimples. In fact, it induces indigestion too.



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