Having Hair fall problem? Add these in your diet

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

23rd Jul, 2020. 12:59 pm
Hair fall

Most of men and women complain of frequent hair fall during dry weathers, however; despite of going to dermatologists and spend thousands of dollars; there are some foods that have qualities to strengthen your hair.

Read on below to find out about the foods that prevent hair fall and make your hairs healthy and strong.


The Spinach is a great source of iron, vitamin A and C and protein.

Iron deficiency is the main cause of hair fall and spinach is not only iron-rich, it also contains sebum which acts as a natural conditioner for hair. I

Spinach also provides us with omega-3 acid, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. These help in maintaining a healthy scalp and lustrous hair.

Carrots and Sweet Potatoes:

Add carrots in your diet for long and lustrous hairs.

Known to be good for the eyes, carrots contain Vitamin A that also improves hair growth.

Eggs and Dairy Products:

Milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs etc. loaded with essential nutrients such as proteins, Vitamin B12, iron, zinc and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Dairy products also a great source of biotin (Vitamin B7) known to fight hair loss.


A big bowl of oats in morning meal is like a goodbye to hair fall.

Oats are rich in fibre, zinc, iron, omega-6 fatty acids that stimulate hair growth and will make your hair thick and healthy.


Walnuts also prevent hair loss.

It is the only known nut that contains biotin, B vitamins (B1, B6 and B9), Vitamin E, plenty of protein and magnesium, all of which strengthen hair cuticles and nourish the scalp.

It helps protect your cells from DNA damage which may be caused due to sun exposure.


Lentils loaded with protein, iron, zinc, and biotin prevent hair fall.

Besides this, lentils are full of folic acid which is necessary for restoring the health of red blood cells that supply the skin and scalp with much-needed oxygen.

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