Covid-19 Vaccine: Life to get normal as UAE tests Phase 3 of vaccine

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

10th Aug, 2020. 06:20 pm

For a clinical trial to the test a Covid-19 vaccine, volunteers in the UAE said being a part of this exercise was the least they could do for humanity.

Phase 3 for an inactive vaccine, developed by China, which contains a dead version of the virus has already begun in Abu Dhabi. Many volunteers have signed up for the trial to play their part as a human for others.

The Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm have developed the vaccine. As per an agreement, the UAE is involved with technology company Group 42.

According to details, phase 1 and 2 were conducted in China and all of the volunteers developed antibodies against coronavirus.

Phase 3 of the vaccine is being conducted at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition center where the volunteers are thoroughly involved in the development of a vaccine that would bring everyone’s life to normal.

One of the volunteers, Maryam said,

“In the end, we are doing this for the UAE and for the world as a whole. This is the least I can do for my country. If I can help then why not? We are in safe hands in the UAE. I know that if I develop any symptoms I will be taken care of.”

Dr. Nawal Al Kaabi, chief medical officer at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City and chairwoman of the National Covid-19 Clinical Management Committee said,

“There is a small percentage of volunteers who developed common side effects that we usually see with other vaccines.”

Famous YouTuber and travel vlogger Nas Daily have also spread the good news among his fans and followers by uploading a one-minute video about the vaccine.

The video concluded that if the vaccine clear the phase 3 then soon the covid-19 vaccine would be distributed around the world and everything will go back to normal.

Everyone would be able to shake hands, follow traditions, travel, and even enjoy huge gatherings like concerts. The Chinese vaccine has now given hope to the world.

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