Here is why some people don’t gain weight

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

26th Aug, 2020. 12:51 am
Here is why some people don't gain weight

Answers to how some people do not gain weight at all.

A for certain conversation for a lot of people who stay slim but eat a lot is the question of how? And for the most part, the people asked this don’t know the answer to as well. Despite having unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise some people have the ability to maintain their physical stature of being slim and here are four reasons why.

  • Eating slowly

most people who are slim but don’t have healthy eating habits have this quality of eating slowly. This may happen intentionally or even unintentionally.
Studies have shown that by eating slowly and chewing more, the brain signals the body sooner than they are full thus reducing the amount of food consumed. These techniques can be found throughout history in Islamic, Chinese, and Hindu traditions.

  • Understanding sleep

the hormone responsible for instigating the sensation of hunger and makes it difficult to metabolize carbs and fats is Cortisol.
Lack of sleep or improper sleep results in higher production of this hormone. This results in you feeling hungrier and reduces metabolism.

  • NEAT

NEAT does not mean being tidy here, which is still a healthy habit that one should adopt but is an acronym that stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. In simple words, these are the activities of the human body that would not be considered exercise.
According to the American Council on Exercise people who show high rates of these activities can see an increase in their metabolism by 50%.

  • The role of hormones

Leptin is another hormone that plays a role in losing weight. It is the hormone that signals the level of energy you have to perform a task. People with a slimmer physique have higher amounts of Leptin making it easier for them to lose weight and control cravings.

While you can mimic some of these techniques for yourselves it is important to still understand the importance of a balanced lifestyle.

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