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Small concentration of ozone gas can neutralize COVID-19

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

27th Aug, 2020. 06:00 pm
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coronavirus research

Japanese researchers and scientists at Fujita Health University stated at a press conference that they had successfully tested a method using ozone gas to neutralize the currently menacing COVID-19 virus. 

The officials stated that 0.05 to 0.1 parts per million (ppm) for Ozone gas, that would be considered harmless to human beings had the ability to kill the virus. 

The experiment utilized an ozone generator in a sealed chamber with a sample of the virus. The potency of the virus had declined by more than 90% when subjected to low levels of ozone for 10 hours. 

“Transmission of the novel coronavirus may be reduced by continuous, low-concentration ozone treatment, even in environments where people are present, using this kind of system. We found it to be particularly effective in high-humidity conditions,” said lead researcher Takayuki Murata. 

Previous experiments showed that high concentrations between 1-6 ppm were effective against the virus however was toxic for humans. Another study showed that ozone could be used as a disinfectant for gowns, goggles and other protective equipment. 

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