Global coronavirus infections surpass 30 million

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

18th Sep, 2020. 10:51 am
Global coronavirus infections surpass 30 million

Coronavirus has invaded all over the world; the number of confirmed cases have crossed the 30 million mark.

According to the latest figure by America’s Johns Hopkins University, more than 940,000 have lost battle against the virus.

The US, India, and Brazil are the worst hit nations. However, there is a huge increase in cases across Europe as well.

Globally, there are 30,351,723 confirmed cases of Covid-19 out of which 950,557 have died whereas 22,041,437 have recovered. There are 7,359,729 cases worldwide.

Several northern countries are facing the second wave of the pandemic. 

Worst affected nations

The US has the greatest number of cases. There are 6.6 million confirmed infections, and over 197,000 deaths. However, the number of new cases is decreasing.

On the other hand, India is dealing with the second-highest number of infections. The virus is spreading fast in India than any other country. Around 90,000 cases are being reported daily. Apart from that, more than 80,000 people have died.

Furthermore, Brazil is tackling 4.4 million confirmed cases with more than 134,000 fatalities – the second-highest death toll after the US.

Moreover, the World Health Organization’s regional director said earlier this week that increasing coronavirus cases in Europe should serve as a “wake-up call.”

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