World first aid day: Learn your first-aid skills to save lives

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

12th Sep, 2020. 01:18 pm
World First-Aid Day

Minor accidents or health problems can happen at any time. However, lives can be saved if people know first-aid tips.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) said this in light of the World First Aid Day, which falls on the second Saturday of September, every year.

Dr. Firas AlNajjar, the consultant at Rashid Hospital’s Trauma and Emergency Centre, shared his thoughts, “First aid is an important tool to quickly respond to accidents and ensure that injuries are quickly dealt with by the time the trained medical professional arrives to administer more specialized treatment. First-aid can be a lifesaver as it can prevent further complications in minor or severe injuries”.

First aid is essential especially when you face minor injuries such as sport, household, and work-related injuries. It can be effective when such injuries are cured correctly. “Around 30 to 40 percent of the cases received at Rashid Hospital’s Trauma and Emergency Centre is first-aid related which can be managed efficiently in ambulatory care or primary health centers,” he said.

However, if one faces more severe health issues such as heart attacks or drowning, Dr. AlNajjar said that the person must call the ambulance first and then begin first-aid techniques.

“If they have not gotten the needed training on this, they can speak to ambulance officials on the phone for step-to-step guidance. It is not advisable for a person who does not have any training to administer first-aid without consulting a healthcare professional, as this can have adverse effects,” he added.

He also stressed that the first and most significant rule is to ensure the safety of the first aid provider, so he/she may not become the second victim.

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